About Dr. Cori - www.drcori.com
About Dr. Cori - www.drcori.com

Meet Cori – Founder

I’m a down to earth, playful, confident in my own skin type of woman. I’m feisty most of the time and love to go on new adventures. I’ll try anything once, maybe even twice, but most of all I have a big heart. I’m Cori.


I’m a wife, mom, sister, aunt, cousin, friend, and god-mom. I’m Cori.


I’m your Femme coach aka even better than your loyal, fun, best friend. I’m here to push you to be better, support you and help you find your awesome every single day.


Getting to know me will be one of the best things that you will do for yourself. And it’s because:

Live The Femme Life - Personal Development - Dr Cori - www.drcori.com

Everything that you’re feeing right now, I can relate to because I’ve been there. I was the girl who took every workshop, read every book or article, watched movies and went on every soul-bending trip I could think of to become the happy, confident, self-loving woman who believes in herself.


Right at the point of giving up, I realized that being that confident, happy woman was already inside of me and needed to come out. Once I figured that out, I immediately came up with the Femme Sessions and began the journey of a lifetime to a place of self-love and acceptance. Now, I have everything that I’ve always wanted.


I know you’re here because you want the same thing. You’re tired of chasing dreams and want to finally be the one who has gotten it accomplished. Fortunately, you’re in the right place.

About Dr. Cori - www.drcori.com

I’m here to show you how to get the life you deserve! I’ll teach you to be more confident in yourself and your decisions, be happy in or out of a relationship, have more energy, feel good about yourself when you walk out of the house, be successful at whatever you put your mind to, not be as worrisome about things not in your control, accept yourself as you are (and whatever size you are), and the list goes on and on.


Simply, I will get you to where you want to be. I’m not here to tell you how to live, but I am here to help you figure out what your wants and needs are and help you learn how to achieve those needs. I’ve done the work myself and I know how to help you too. It may sound cliché, but the reality is that you will need a great relationship full of support, guidance, and a “real-talk” girlfriend to help you get to the place you want….and that’s where I come in.

Live The Femme Life - Personal Development - Dr Cori - www.drcori.com

Work With Me

If you have something on your mind and want to talk about it, then coaching is for you Femme! We all have personal struggles and that’s okay. You’re here because it’s your time to love the life you live. And I’m here to help you never forget it! Work with me today.