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You being here is no mystery. At this point, you’re probably tired of things being the way they are and you need a change. Or you’re a hopeful optimistic who wants to follow your dreams and just needs a little help being pointed in the right direction. Or perhaps, you want to learn skills to love yourself daily.


No matter why you’re here, the fact of the matter is that developing your self love and confidence is hard. And you know what? You’re not alone!


The hardest part is that you probably don’t know where to start to grow the self-love and confidence you already have. All you know is that you need some better direction.


The good news is that I understand you and can help you. I’ll show you how being Femme will be your answer to living the happy, empowered life that you desire. Each time we talk, you’ll walk away feeling inspired, supported and understood. And for all of my Femmes that want even more, I’ll even design and recommend activities just for you that will help you maximize your daily success and grow beyond your wildest dreams.

Ready to love the life you live? Let’s work together! 




I’m here to help women feel good about themselves everyday.

I help women who people-please but never please themselves, women who don’t feel good enough, women who want to know how to act or feel when life hits them hard, and women who are way too hard on themselves.

I’ll help them feel confident, trust themselves, and learn to give back love to themselves so they can be happy inside and out every single day.

Coaching is perfect for women who:

Know better confidence and self-esteem will improve their life

Having better confidence will improve all of your relationships: the one with yourself, with your significant other, your friends and family and at work. Imagine walking into any room and feeling proud about who you are on the inside. Not only will you start treating yourself better, but others will too because they’ll be following your lead. During our sessions, I’ll teach you how being Femme will do just that.

Are hard on themselves but want to stop it

You want to feel better, that’s clear; but in order to feel better, how you talk to your self (aka your self-talk) will have to improve. During our sessions, I’ll teach you to be Femme and use it as an advantage to treat yourself better. You’ll learn ways to use Femmebombs to boost your view of yourself, and activities that make you feel good.

If this is you, then we’re a perfect match to work together.

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Individual sessions to meet your individual needs


 1 session – $225

This is us, one-on-one for 45 minutes over Skype. It’s your personal time and investment in yourself. We’ll talk about what’s going on with you and how to make improvements the Femme way. Plus, our sessions can take place exactly where you are and you can wear whatever you want.



1 session – $150

I get it: you’re busy and don’t always have the time to do the things you know you need to do. Well, I solved your problem for you! Now, no matter if you’re just not feeling as talkative today, or can only work on yourself in between classes, work or family time, you can still reach out and get the answers you need. All you have to do is write your thoughts and feelings down on the fly. I will respond to you and give you the clarity you’re looking for.



Dr. Cori is great. She gives tough love, but is so nice, that I had a lot of fun each session we had. You're definitely getting your monies worth fellow Femmes. Give it a try yourself and see.

-Karyn Chambers

Cori was great! She taught me how to communicate my needs better to my boyfriend and now we’re stronger than we ever were before. Every time I talk to her I always walk away feeling hopeful and have a new goal.

- Jenna Richards

Coaching with Dr. Cori was surprisingly fun. She had a lot of positive energy and passion and it rubbed off on me too. She also was really easy to talk to…kind of like talking with a girlfriend but even better because I know she was honest with me and not just saying what I wanted to hear.

- Staci Allen

Cori is AMAZING! Every time I talk to her she helps me grow. She challenges me a lot to try things out of my comfort zone and it always pays off in the end. She also helps me not to repeat the same mistakes twice, which is more than I could ever do for myself. I’ve already told all my friends about her!

- Jennifer Johnson

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