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The Femme Tribe Group Membership

$ 50.00



The one membership that will change your life.


  • Femme Tribe Community: Imagine it is your 24/7/365 secret group to share advice and your stories. Get your questions answered and advice from a Coach (me!) that will lift your spirits.
  • Personal Coaching Hours: Each Thursday is what I like to call Coaching Thursdays: This is your personal time with me. From 8-10pm CST, I’ll answer your questions each week, and guide you to be the best Femme you can be. All you have to do is post your questions, and me and all the Femmes will answer.
  • Free Access to Chosen Femme Resources of the Month: ebooks, guides ($100 value): Every time that I use a resource in our community, you get it for FREE. Yes, FREE! It’s literally that simple.
  • Interviews with other successful Femmes: Dr. Cori is all about celebrating awesome women and sharing those stories with you. Whether it be a video, a podcast, or any forum in between, you’ll be in the front row to learn from some of the greats.
  • 1 free wallpaper ($5 value): This is your awesome Femme reminder. It looks great on any of your electronic devices and is a lifesaver when life gets tough.
  • Femme events: When I hold retreats or self-care events, you’ll get all the information first.
  • Contests and giveaways: Anytime I giveaway something awesome at Dr. Cori, you’ll be the first one to know and enter. And who doesn’t want to win free stuff?
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